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  • Structural performance of Yuhuan Xin Lian CNC lathe

      2019-08-22

    CNC lathe is composed of CNC device, lathe bed, spindle box, carriage feed system, tailstock, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system, chip remover and so on.
    1. hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tail frame
    Hydraulic chuck is an important accessory of CNC turning when the workpiece, the average rotational parts can be used a hydraulic chuck; holding parts of cylindrical parts of the components were not clip, you need to with special chuck; use of bar direct processing of parts need to adopt the spring chuck.
    For parts with larger ratios of axial size to radial dimension, it is necessary to use live centers installed on the hydraulic tailstock to support the ends of parts, so as to ensure the correct processing of parts. The tail frame has a common hydraulic tail frame and a programmable hydraulic tail frame.

    2. tool holder for numerical control lathe
    CNC lathes can be equipped with two kinds of knife frames:
    (1) the special tool holder is developed by the lathe manufacturer himself, and the handle used is also special. The advantage of this tool is low manufacturing cost, but lack of generality.
    (2) general tool carrier is manufactured according to certain general standards (such as VDI, German engineer Association), and CNC lathe manufacturers can choose configuration according to the function requirements of CNC lathes.
    3. milling power head
    After installing the milling power head on the tool holder of the CNC lathe, the machining capability of the CNC lathes can be greatly expanded. Such as: the use of milling power head for axial drilling and milling axial grooves.
    4. cutting tools for CNC lathes
    The car parts cutting in CNC lathe or turning machining center, lathe tool should be based on the structure and number of tools can be installed, reasonable and scientific arrangement tool on the turret position, and avoid the tool at rest and work, tool and machine tool, cutter and workpiece and tool interference between each other.

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