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  • Requirements for the use of double head CNC lathes

      2019-08-22

    Requirements for the use of double head CNC lathes
    The position of a double head CNC lathe should be far away from the vibration source, the direct sunlight and the heat radiation should be avoided, so as to avoid the influence of moisture and air flow. If there is a source of vibration around the machine tool, the anti vibration ditch should be set on the four sides of the machine tool. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, which will cause the electronic components to be in bad contact with the failure, and will affect the reliability of the machine tools.

    Power requirements
    The general double head CNC lathe is installed in the machine shop, not only the environment temperature changes greatly, the use condition is bad, moreover various kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment are many, causes the electric network fluctuation to be big. Therefore, the installation of the position of double head CNC lathes requires strict control of the power supply voltage. The voltage fluctuation of the power supply must be within the range of the promise and remain relatively stable. Otherwise, it will affect the normal work of the CNC system.

    Temperature condition
    The ambient temperature of a double head NC lathe is less than 30 perturbation, and the relative temperature is less than 80. Generally speaking, there are fans or air coolers in the numerical control cabinet, so that the electronic components can be kept, especially the central processor's working temperature is constant or the temperature difference is very small. Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to lower component life of the control system and cause more failures. The increase of temperature and humidity, the increase of dust will produce bonding in the integrated circuit board and lead to short circuit.

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