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  • Performance characteristics of vehicle milling and CNC machine tools

      2019-08-22

    Performance characteristics of vehicle milling and CNC machine tools
    The design of vehicle milling and milling machine tool is novel, and the overall configuration is beautiful and generous. The precision is stable, the performance is reliable, and the operation is convenient and flexible.
    The 1. lathe CNC milling machine is made of resin sand castings. After two times of temperature aging and vibration treatment, it has good stability, high strength and stable and reliable accuracy.
    The main shaft of the 2. lathe and milling machine tool is the main shaft, and all the important parts are all strengthened. The main shaft is reliable.
    The 3. vehicle milling CNC machine adopts double nut pre tightening ball screw rod, and the two ends of ball screw rod adopt special pair of centripetal thrust bearing, and the three axle is pre stretched. The coupling transmission is rigid and reliable, and the precision is stable and reliable.
    4., adopt advanced technology, design and strengthen the square type fully enclosed sheet metal, reasonable liquid backwash settings, and import special sealant to ensure the safety, durability and tightness of the sheet metal.

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